Investment in education for the youth is extremely important as they represent the future and hope of a nation. Education is the only way to break out of the poverty cycle. Being educated allows one to find better jobs and earn more income. We believe that as long as one has the willpower, he or she should be given an equal opportunity to learn. Sadly, these enthusiast children are constrained by financial difficulty and the lack of conducive environment to study. According to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Lao PDR, only 81.1% of the children managed to graduate from primary school. 73% made it to lower secondary school and 45.2% made it to upper secondary school in 2017. It is estimated that 30,000 children drop out of primary school every year. Non-financial reasons such as low demand from communities and geographic difficulty in travelling to schools are some reasons which explain the high dropout rate.

Uplift Laos aims to improve the schooling rate by building proper infrastructure to provide a conducive study environment for the children. As some students live far away from school, we also built dorms and provided bicycles so that they are not deprived of education due to geographic constraint. Besides, a concrete multi-purpose court is built as a recreation and assembly spot.

Together with overseas schools and non-profit organisations, some of the schools that we had built/improved include:

Houykang Primary School

Ban Phongsavanh & Ban Kok Wan

Ban Sandkhalok Secondary School

Ban Lad Khammune Secondary School

Laos is a mountainous country. Many roads and paves are not well-developed. Some locals, in particular, those living in rural areas, have to walk up and down the steep and sandy pave to get around. This inconvenience has restricted the elderly to get around. To solve this issue, we build staircases with the aid of overseas students who are here for community service trips.

Villages that had benefitted from our project:

Ban Houehing

Ban Phonsavang (Village)

Ban Phonsavang (School)

Ban Huay Yin

Ban Lad Khmu