Electricity is such an essential in our lives and yet not everyone has access to it. According to the World Bank, only 87.1% of Laotians have access to electricity. Due to the unfavourable location of these villages, building infrastructure to supply electricity is a complex project. Therefore, building a solar panel would be more effective.

A solar panel is made up of many photovoltaic cells which convert sunlight from Mother Nature into electricity using a controller and a battery to store the energy. This method is environmental-friendly as compared to burning fossil fuels.

Earthlink, a community group from Singapore National Technological University (NTU), has partnered with MyLaoHome for their programme, Ecoventure. Together with Andrew from Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) of Singapore and David from Asherlight Energy Pte Ltd and Rezecca Renewables Pte Ltd, we have built solar panels around the country to provide the locals with sustainable energy. This partnership has lasted for 4 years and is still ongoing.